001-072304-11-harbor at Anzio 002-072404-6-Mosaic ceiling,  la Martorana Church, Palermo 003-072404-12-Fontana Pretoria, Palermo 004-072404-22-Inner courtyard, Palazzo dei Normanni 005-072404-27-Mosaic Noah's Ark, Capella Palatina 006-072404-43-Market, Palermo 007-072404-48-Beach, Palermo 008-072404-59-Cloister, Cathedral at Monreale 009-072404-61-Mosaic columns, Cloister, Cathedral at Monreale 010-072404-63-View of valley at Monreale 011-072504-2-Agrigento, Sicily 012-072504-13-Burial caves, Agrigento 013-072504-14-Temple of Concord, Agrigento 014-072504-22-Mike and Carol, Agrigento 015-072504-30-Harbor at Porto Empedocle 016-072504-31-Harbor at Porto Empedocle 017-072604-5-Teatro Greco-5th Cen. BC, Syracuse 018-072604-13-Mike inside crypt above Teatro Greco, Syracuse 019-072604-17-Teatro Greco, Syracuse 020-072604-23-Anfiteatro Romano-used by gladiators, 5 Cen BC, Syracuse 021-072604-32- remains of Temple of Athene columns (5th c BC) inside cathedral, Ortygia 022-072604-35- street in Ortygia 023-072604-41- boats at harbor, Syracuse 024-072604-42- Clelia II at harbor, Syracuse 025-072704-1-Gymnasium at ancient Olympia 026-072704-8-Temple of Hera, (altar in foreground) ancient Olympia 027-072704-9-entrance to competition field, Olympia 028-072704-10- competition field, Olympia 029-072704-15-toppled columns, Temple of Zeus - site of statue of Zeus (7 wonders of world) 030-072704-19-toppled columns, Temple of Zeus, Olympia 031-072704-21-It's for you - sculpture from Temple of Zeus, Archeological Museum of Olympia 032-072704-28-headless statue facilitates interchanging heads, Olympia 033-072704-29-Greek countryside near Olympia 034-072804-12-view from the caldera at Santorini 035-072804-15-cable car and walking path, Santorini 036-072804-28-excavation at Akrotiri, Santorini 037-072804-34-Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Santorini 038-072804-37-House of the Ladies-wall frescos, Museum of Prehistoric Thera 039-072804-41-gold ibex, 3.5inches - only gold found in Akrotiri 040-072804-42-Fira, Santorini 041-072804-47-Fira, Santorini 042-072804-48-Fira, Santorini 043-072804-56-Fira, Santorini 044-072804-65-sunset, Santorini 045-072904-3-Chania, Crete 046-072904-8-Mike and cactus, Chania, Crete 047-072904-15-Chania, Crete 048-072904-28-Carol with large pot from Knossos, Archeological Museum of Herakleion 049-072904-32-Palace of Knossos, 1500 BC, Crete 050-072904-36-Inner stairwell-courtyard, Palace of Knossos, Crete 051-072904-40-Queen's Apartments, Palace of Knossos, Crete 052-073004-2-Evangelismos Church, Rhodes 053-073004-11-Moat area between walls decorated with cannon balls, Rhodes 054-073004-19-Walled City, Rhodes 055-073004-29Palace of the Grandmaster, built by Knights of St. John, Rhodes 056-073004-34-Street of the Knights, Walled City, Rhodes 057-073004-40-Clelia II and friends in the harbor, Rhodes 058-073004-49-Lindos Harbor 059-073004-52-Mike and Carol at Lindos 060-073004-54-Acropolis at Lindos 061-073004-61-donkeys, Lindos 062-073004-65-Lindos 063-073104-8-St. John's Monastery, built 16th C,, Patmos 064-073104-11-Mike and Carol, St. John's Monastery, Patmos 065-073104-19-Clelia II in harbor at Patmos 066-080104-1-sole remaining column, Temple of Artemis, 7th Wonder of the World, Selchuk, Turkey 067-080104-7-the 'beautiful' Mother-Goddess, Selchuk Museum 068-080104-8-Baths at the entrance to Ephesus 069-080104-9-Hot and cold water pipes, Ephesus 070-080104-19-Looking down the Curetes Street toward the Library, Ephesus 071-080104-26-Latriana (public toilets), Ephesus 072-080104-27-The Celcus Library, Ephesus 073-080104-33-Great Theater, Ephesus 074-080104-35-Carol, Great Theater, Ephesus 075-080204-3-just down the street from Hadrian's arch, Athens 076-080204-7-Swatch watch competition, Athens 077-080204-10-Soccer entry, Athens 078-080204-12-Rowing entry, Athens 079-080304-4-Odeon of Herodes Atticus - 5000 seats - still in use today, Athens 080-080304-17-Horse, 490 BC 081-080304-23-Parthenon 082-080304-25-view of Temple of Zeus from the Acropolis 083-080304-28-Odeon of Herodes Atticus 084-080304-32-Carol and Mike, Parthenon 085-080304-43-Ancient Agora 086-080304-51-Theseion, 449 BC, Agora 087-080304-52-Stoa of Attalus (ancient shopping mall), Agora 088-080304-53-view of the Acropolis from Ancient Agora 089-080304-55-Security Blimp over the Acropolis 090-080304-67-Soldiers approach for changing of the guard 091-080304-72-Ceremony includes dance steps 092-080304-75-Ceremony includes dance steps 093-080404-5-Olympics 2004 venue 094-080404-11-Mike drives a racecar 095-080404-12-Hadrian's Arch with Acropolis in background 096-080404-16-Carol, Temple of Zeus 097-080404-19-Mike, Temple of Zeus 098-080404-20-Parthenon through the columns of the Temple of Zeus 099-080404-22-Athens Stadium-site of 1896 Olympic games 100-080404-34-Hotels on Syntagma Square